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Click through the categories below for answers to our most asked questions about our PCS and At Post services.

  • We are already at post, can you help us with our consumables shipment?
    Absolutely! Gone are the days of planning your R&R, training or family relationships around your consumables or supplemental HHE shipment needs.
  • I am in Washington for training but have no time or energy to handle these shipments, can you help?
    Yes! While you focus on surviving at FSI, we’ll take these time consuming tasks off your To Do list. Not in training but just want to delegate, we’re here for that too.
  • I can or have someone that can handle the pack out, I just don’t have time to shop, is this something you can handle?
    Definitely. We are happy to assist you with the most tedious parts of the PCS process.
  • I’ve never been to a consumables post, where do I start?
    DiploDash® can guide you through the process from confirming a date to pack out. When you work with us, you get access to our suggested consumables list and personalized support for building your own list. Our custom resources are designed to walk you through the process. All you need to decide is what you like to eat!
  • I have a dietary restriction, can you help me?
    We certainly can help! Thanks to the labeling of packaged goods in the U.S., we have successfully assisted customers with dietary restrictions.
  • How much weight do I need for a shipment?
    The minimum weight for CNS and HHE shipments is 200 lbs. The maximum weight is based on your allowance.
  • I want to ship some consumables and some gym equipment, can you help with that?
    Our supplemental HHE service would be perfect to meet this need. Similar to our consumables packages, when you work with us we guide you through all the steps and your biggest task is to decide what you want to have at your new home!
  • I have a 300lbs item that I want shipped to post, would you manage that for me?
    We are happy to receive heavy items and store them to be packed by the contracted movers; however, we are not equipped to pick up and move items over 80lbs at this time.
  • I can't get my mind around my upcoming move, do you have any support for this?
    Yes, we do. We offer moving strategy sessions to take you from overwhelm to action. We know that there is so much to cover, don't let decision fatigue keep you from moving forward.
  • I need to pack out but I can't be there for it, can you?
    We have absolutely helped clients that couldn't be home for their pack out. Whether you have only one charter flight to get to your new post or work just won't wait, we can support you.
  • My shipment delivery is coming up but I can't be there for it, what do I do?
    Let us handle it for you! We have absolutely helped clients that couldn't be home for their deliveries. Don't sacrifice your home leave, career or family for your delivery.
  • How long can you stay?
    Our packages are generally based on eight hours of service. We have assisted clients with half day support packages as well and are happy to discuss customized timelines with you.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We serve Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland and neighboring areas.
  • How far in advance should we plan?
    For the peak PCS season (May-Sept), we encourage you to reach out as soon as you have your travel orders or as soon as possible. For other times, about three weeks in advance is usually sufficient. Regardless, of where you are starting from it never hurts to check on our availability!
  • I am receiving my storage for the first time in 12 years, can you help us to get rid of items?
    Yes, we can help you sort through items and schedule pick ups. There may be fees from the other companies depending on your needs.
  • I want to access my storage and have items pulled to be shipped but I can't be there, can you do this for me?
    Of course we can! Whether you decided that you need some items to have at post, or you bought a house in another state and need to furnish it with your storage treasures -- we would be delighted to handle it for you!
  • I need to get organized, can you help me?
    We would be delighted to help you get organized. If you're packing out then we will gear up to get you ready for pack out day. If you're unpacking, then let's focus on getting your house to feel like a home.
  • I heard you ship stuff from Trader Joe’s is it true?
    We sure do! We have lots of customers that give us a list or just tells us generally what they want and delight in receiving a mystery box.
  • I saw a curated care package, how do I order it?
    Our curated packages are available to purchase by contacting us directly HERE. If the one you want is out of stock, we may be able work with you to offer another package. We hope to offer these for purchase on our website in the future, so feel free to check back!
  • Do you only ship to Foreign Service?
    Not all. We send packages to anyone serving overseas.
  • I want to send a package to my family in the U.S., can you help?
    Yes, please contact us directly HERE to start the process. We will utilize electronic payment processing for your convenience.
  • I want to send a gift to a friend at another post, do you do that?
    Great idea! We’ve helped many clients send some love to their family and friends around the globe and would be grateful to help you too.
  • I love Ruggables but they won’t fold their rug pads, can you repack it for me?"
    Yes, we will receive your rug, unpack and repack it to fit in a box to meet pouch restrictions. However, if we cannot get the rug or rug pad to fit pouch specifications, the items may need to be returned to the manufacturer.
  • I need my IKEA but there isn’t one near me, can you package items for me?"
    We can help with repacking these items for you but be sure to consult with us before you place your order. Not everything can be repacked to meet the regulations.
  • I have some vendors that won’t ship to my address, can you help?"
    We can help you to receive these items by either repacking them or relabeling the shipments.
  • I want to give my post gift bags for a holiday, will you help?
    Fantastic idea! We shipped 200 packed gift bags to a post in AF!
  • I want a fun activity for the community, what can you do?
    We can help coordinate a package that can incorporate a virtual or live activity. Let's start the conversation!
  • I need to order for an upcoming holiday, can you help?
    Just like our smaller packages, we can shop for what you need and ship it out to you so can put the finishing touches on the items at post. Whether it is decorations, candy, gift bags or games, we can work with you.
  • Do you have a Newsletter we can subscribe to?
    Thanks for asking! We have a monthly newsletter and hoping to make it twice a month. You can subscribe here.
  • Our CLO Newsletter could use some fresh content, do you have any articles?
    We would be delighted to contribute an article to your newsletter. Send us a request, and we will get it to you as quickly as possible.


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I had an amazing experience with this company. I ordered the Halloween/ Fall care package and received the most amazing items for my family. Highly recommend using Diplo Dash for all your away-from-home needs. Easy, quick, incredibly reliable and super cheap for amazing attention to detail. Also all my items were fresh and nothing was broken or spilled- not even the kettle corn! Thank you for this wonderful service!


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