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Good for the following:  

• People that love to cook and/or entertain  

• Positions at post that are expected to host events  

• Sharing your consumables allowance with other members of the direct-hire COM  community.  


Package Price does not include cost of the goods themselves. 

• 2,000 - 3,000 lbs of goods (check your orders for your weight allowance) 

• Four different store locations  

• Deliveries to our location from additional stores  

• Preparation and organization of the shipment  

• Coordination with moving company for shipment survey, scheduling, paperwork and  final weights  

• Careful supervision of movers while they pack the shipment 

• Customers will be provided digital copies of all receipts. 




Complete Consumables Package

  • • Trader Joe’s  

    • Whole Foods  

    • Target  

    • Wegman's  

    • Giant  

    • Costco  

    • Mom’s Organic Market  

    • Total Wine & More  

    • ABC Store  

    • Personal Choice - you may select one store not on this list at no additional charge  


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